Analysis and Conclusions

While the Nexus S 4G didn’t benchmark quite exactly to our expectations, it is still the best Android experience I have had to date. Having used a lot of phones, I love the speed and fluidity that the stock Android 2.3 interface can provide. While things like HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz have nice visual elements and widgets, they cannot match the speed of a vanilla Android experience. To me, this phone has reaffirmed that Google has a clear vision for the Android platform, and it is a good one.

At this point in the phone manufacturers roadmaps’, the original Snapdragon design is being phase out for other SoC solutions such as NVIDIA’s Tegra platform, TI’s OMAP4, and even the newer Snapdragon solutions. With the lifecycle of new phones being built on the classical snapdragon platform coming to an end, the Nexus S 4G is the phone built on Google perfection to send off the single core smartphone.

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