Heading into the PC Perspective Forums today will net you a wide variety of tips, from new cables to new cable modems, as well as unexpected shutdowns and even someone new to the game.  Head to the Motherboard Forum and you can learn all about BioStar’s new TZ68A+ and in the Graphics Card Forum you’ll find a mix of proud owners of new multimonitor rigs as well as those who are a little less proud of their recent purchase. 

If you own an Intel SSD and are worried about the 8MB bad power off problem you should keep an eye on this thread which will show you a temporary fix and will be updated as Intel works on a permanent fix.  Catch a reminder of the various types of RAM that have been used over the years in the Memory Forum or remind yourself of this old experiment with Windows. If that is not your cup of tea, then get some advice on setting up an AHCI HDD in Linux with our knowledgable penguin flavoured Frogs.

The Lightning Round is hopping as always, with one thread drawing ever closer to the 25K mark, though the BOINC team still has a larger number to tell you about.  The Trading Post has had a few new items go up as well for anyone wanting to buy or trade.  As a last stop you can check out the first PC Perspective Podcast broadcast from the new Brick TWiT house, same old guys but new digs and new technology.