The differences between the Swiftech Polaris 120 and EVGA Superclock coolers are very slight, but do add up.  Both take advantage of a new type of direct touch heatpipes, which deal with the main reason not many enthusiasts use them.  In the first generation of direct touch the label was a misnomer as there was a small gap of up to 3mm present between the heatpipes.  The base plate touched the CPU directly but the gap left between the heatpipes defeated the entire purpose of the direct touch approach as it left spaces between the pipes that couldn’t remove heat as effectively.  With this pair of coolers, that gap is completely gone.  X-bit Labs takes you through the effectiveness of the new generation of heatpipes as well as the slight differences between Swifttech and EVGA in their newest article.

"Today we are going to talk about two coolers with identical heatsinks using enhanced direct touch technology in their base. Is it a breakthrough or just another step forward?"

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