If you remember Steve’s review of the SilverStone Raven RV02, you will be familiar with the unique setup of this series of cases.   Your motherboards backplate, as well as the exhaust of your PSU are located at the very top of the case, as is a large exhaust fan.  That feature is the biggest aesthetic change in the case, with the shroud that hides the wiring and plugs gaining several fin like protrusions as opposed to a flat mesh top.  Unfortunately the placement for your storage drives is still in a difficult place to reach, as it was with the RV02.  Overall The Tech Report liked the internal size of the case as well as the look, but felt the asking price of $160 put it in a league with much better cases.

"This oddball enclosure from Silverstone turns age-old concepts on their head: the motherboard tray is rotated 90 degrees, several drive bays sit directly behind it, and the PSU fits at the front. Do those eccentricities make the Raven RV03 cooler, quieter, or easier to use than the competition?"

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