When the original Thermaltake Level 10 case came out it was $850 and while it did represent a unique blend of functionally cooling individual components with BMW’s sense of style it was so expensive most people never gave it a second thought.  We now have a new version of this case, called the Level 10 GT which has a significantly reduced MSRP.  The case is not quite as modular as the original but still manages to incorporate the heat zone concept of the previous model as well as the external screws and drive caddys.  In the end [H]ard|OCP was fairly impressed with the redesigned case, though a few shortcomings prevented it from taking a Gold Award away.

"While certainly not new The Thermaltake Level 10 is still very much an eye catching and original chassis. Thermaltake has updated this chassis icon with the new Level 10 GT. This time the price is down in the mid-$200 making this GT a lot easier on the wallet than the previous Level 10. Is there function to its form, or is it all show?"

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