Overclocking Results

Overclocking with the ASUS MARS II card was a snap thanks to the GPUTweak software provided in the box and that we discussed just this week in our Matrix GTX 580 review.  With a card that was already rated at 600 watts though, what else can you expect over the stock 782 MHz clock rates? 

Sample of the ASUS GPUTweak Software

ASUS warned us that "over 800 MHz is easy, 820 MHz is fairly consistent in being reached and 870 MHz has been achieved on the best samples."  Well let’s see what we got…

Our initial field test started at 850 MHz and we found that we were completely stable here!  We looped Metro 2033 for quite some time and played Bad Company 2 for about two hours before declaring it devoid of limiting or stuttering. 

I was able to hit 875 MHz as well and though I would probably game on this personally, we did have one hard lock that we attributed to the MARS II that causes us to NOT call this 100% stable.  

What kind of performance gains does an 11.8% gain in clock rate get you?  An 8% gain in the GPU score in 3DMark11 and similar frame rate increases as well at resolutions and titles that were just as GPU limited.  

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