On the lower end of AMD’s GPU lineup you will find the HD 6670, HD 6570 and HD 6450 of which the first two are based on the Turks architecture and the last on the Caicos architecture.  They mark a jump in transitor, shader and ALU counts from the previous low end cards, the HD5670 and HD 5450.  That increase has also brough with it higher power requirements and more heat to disappate which, at least on the reference cards X-bit Labs tried, results in a louder card.  They do still help a Llano based system score significantly better in gaming, but don’t add a lot to the APUs abilities as a high definition player.

If you are looking for something a little stronger, Josh just poured out a few thousand words on the MSI N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition for you.

"Smartphones, nettops, notebooks and tablets have taken over our everyday life. But what if you don’t feel like leaving the cozy living-room and would gladly watch a blockbuster Blue-ray movie or play your favorite game for a few hours? The answer is simple: HTPC with a good graphics accelerator inside will do the trick. Let’s check out the new solutions AMD has recently rolled out for this particular market."

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