Results: LOTRO, Metro 2033, and BF:BC2

Lord of the Rings Online

This Free to Play MMO embraced DX10 and DX11 fairly early in its lifecycle as compared to other larger, more popular titles.  A manual runthrough of a heavily forested area with plenty of water effects was recorded via FRAPS.  Settings were pushed to Ultra/DX11 with 4X AA and 16X AF.

Unfortunately the SLI results were omitted due to a bug in the NVIDIA drivers.  Extreme choppiness as well as a constant audio clipping caused average framerates to plummet to well below those of a single GTX 480.  This is a title which does feature the AMD HD series of cards, especially at the top resolution.  The N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition does take the older GTX 480 out back and thoroughly embarrasses it.

Metro 2033

Hailed as the new Crysis, and feared by many setups, Metro 2033 has redefined FPS visual quality.  The internal benchmark was used with Very High presets, no DOF effect, and AAA AA/16X AF enabled.

We again see the N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition take top spot, but it is only slightly ahead of the R6970 in this instance.  Once we get to 2560×1600 though, the SLI results are not that far away from the single N580GTX.  In fact, the minimum framerates on the N580GTX are well above those in the SLI setup.  I think this is the first time we have seen any real type of memory pressure being applied to the 1.5 GB cards as compared to the 2GB R6970 and 3GB N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The Frostbite engine used in this excellent shooter supports DX10 and DX11, though there are no new and interesting effects when enabling DX11.  Rather, it optimizes the rendering so that in DX11 mode it offers the same quality of graphics, but increases the performance of the cards.  High settings were used, HBOA disabled, with 4X AA/16XAF turned on.  A manual runthrough was captured with FRAPS.

At 1680×1050 we look to be CPU bound on the SLI setup.  Once resolution climbs, then we see more space between the N580GTX results and the dual GTX 480s.  The R6970 does not fare as well against the NV cards at the initial resolution, but it starts to catch up some at least with the GTX 480.  The N580GTX is in a class by itself.

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