Specifications, Packaging, Included Accessories

Technical Specifications (from NZXT’s website)


Retail Packaging

NZXT packaged the Tempest 410 Elite in a standard carboard enclosure that sports a decent photo of the case itself on the front panel. There’s no more information about the case other than NZXT’s logo.


The back panel gives us all the features the Tempest 410 Elite has to offer in multiple langauges. They also included five line drawings showcasing the cases’s honeycomb design, dual-radiator support, USB 3.0 support, side window, and dual touch-powered fans.


Included Accessories

NZXT skimped a bit on the accessories to keep the Tempest 410 Elite’s price tag under $100. The included accessories box contained screws and standoffs for the motherboard and other components. They also added a few zip ties to help with cable management. 


Lastly, NZXT included an installation guide with an exploded view of the entire case included the chassis, side panels, fans, and other components. Each part is numbered to help novice PC builders install their hardware faster and easier.

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