Final Thoughts, Pricing, Conclusion

Final Thoughts

After reviewing the interior and exterior components that make up the Tempest Elite 410, I have to say I’m mostly impressed with how NZXT designed this case. The extra honeycomb mesh on the top and front panels is gorgeous, but I would have liked to see more white LED lighting to match the power LED and hard drive activity light. 


The additional support for dual radiators at the top of the case was also very insightful, especially with new self-contained watercoolers coming to market like Corsair’s H100 CPU cooler. NZXT also went a step further and created a top panel that looks awesome and hides the dual radiator enough to make it an additional design element that flows with the theme of the case. Ingenious. 


The dual "touch-powered" 120mm fans at the front of the case is also very inventive and is a feature usually reserved for PC cases above the $100 threshold. I like having the capability of hot-swapping my storage drives from the front panel of the case and I’m sure other PC users will too. The top panel’s storage compartment was somewhat functional, but wasn’t deep enough for larger components.



The NZXT Tempest 410 is priced at $79.99 and the Tempest 410 Elite can be purchased for $89.99. This case isn’t available at vendors yet, but should make their way to online retailers by next week.



We’d like to thank NZXT for providing the Tempest 410 Elite for our review today. We’ve reviewed several NZXT cases in the past and the quality and construction of their products have continiously improved. The Tempest 410 Elite is a great example of NZXT’s commitment to giving gamers and enthusiasts great features at a competitive price point. Keeping a case’s price below $100 is a difficult task, but NZXT found innovative ways to incorporate cool features and design elements without adding manufacturing costs.  Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the functionality of the Tempest 410 Elite as well as the honeycomb mesh design used throughout the case.

The NZXT Tempest 410 Elite has earned PC Perspective’s Silver Award for creating a unique case with modern design features at a great price. Consumers looking for a quality budget PC case should give a Tempest 410 Elite a double take because its feature set and dual radiator support are tough to beat.




  • Dual-radiator support
  • Dual "touch-powered" 120mm fans
  • Honeycomb mesh design
  • Excellent price



  • More white LEDs needed
  • Top panel storage compartment not big enough


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