It’s time again for Frostytech’s oddly named Top 5 Heatsink chart, with 40-some of the best coolers on the market.  The list isn’t quite 40 unique coolers as some of the best Intel coolers also happen to be the best AMD coolers as well.  Not a lot has changed with only 2 coolers new to the list, though one of those pair comes close to topping the AMD charts.  You don’t have to pick up the cooler that is newest to the market to get the best (or the quietest) cooler, some classic models still sit at the top of the charts.

"Frostytech’s TOP 5 HEATSINK CHART has just been updated for August 2011. Just a couple of new heatsinks managed to break into the charts this summer, but what remains are some of the best performing Intel socket 1156/1155/775 and AMD socket AM3+/AM2 heatsinks out there! Don’t go heatsink shopping without it! Heatsinks are ranked by lowest temperature, lowest noise and for low profile heatsinks too. Only heatsinks that were tested in the Frostytech Labs are included in these Top 5 Charts, so the ranking is 100% based on cold hard test data."

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