BYOC Case Mods, Fatal1ty Shootout, Day 1 Conclusion

The day concluded with Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel battling people from the Quakecon crowd to head-to-head matches in Quake Live. No one was able to beat him, but they did walk away with some awesome prizes from Fatal1ty’s line of power supplies and sound cards.


We couldn’t go back to our hotel room to write up our first article on Quakecon 2011 without walking around the massive Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) area to see all the exciting case mods that people brought from all over the U.S. and the world. One gamer created this self-contained system that includes all the gaming necessities like a 24" LCD and an Intel i7-based system to play games like Team Fortress 2. 


Another gamer paid tribute to the U.S. Air Force with this white and blue themed case. He used a plasma cutter to cut the Air Force logo on the side of his case instead of the usual Dremel tool. 


One of the finalists from last year’s case mod contest brought his A-game and his new "Blue Men of Genius" mod for everyone to drool over. This hand-crafted masterpiece includes custom watercooling and a combination of blue, red, and white LEDs to light up all his hardware and the mirrored sides of the custom case. We’ll be on the lookout for this case when we judge the case mod contest on Friday.


Adam Owen, another case mod finalist from 2009, created a monster truck computer with an Intel i7-2600K processor, 64GB solid state drive, and the RC car can hit speeds up to 22 miles an hour!


As day 1 of Quakecon 2011 was coming to a close, gamers continued to register for the BYOC and venture through the exhibition hall to get a taste of the latest games and hardware from a variety of well-known vendors. Even this young gamer pictured above got in on the action at Alienware’s Hummer Booth to play some Team Fortress 2.


I couldn’t leave you guys hanging without a quick pic of a few Quakecon girls sporting poker dealer attire when they were working at the Fatal1ty Shootout. We’ll have more coverage from Quakecon tomorrow, including an exclusive on-camera interview with John Carmack so stay tuned!

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