BYOC case mods, conclusion on Day 2 events

We walked around the BYOC to see some of the new case mods and noticed Mountainmods case that included a custom watercooling system and a white and green color scheme. I also liked the mesh fan covers too.


This custom cube case was the creation of a first-time modder who wanted to do something unique and create a mini ITX gaming system that was a small as he could make it. The entire chassis and base was made from white and black acrylic and hand assembled. He plans to incorporate more LEDs to light up the white acrylic and suspend the cube over the white acrylic base on a stand.


One of the best mods I saw in the BYOC this year was this custom creation that uses an ether-based coolant with a low boiling point to cool the submerged hardware. It seems to work better than a typical heatsink and was really cool to watch bubble over the exposed processor and GPU.


In other news, Oscar the Grouch was spotted checking backpacks for gamers going into the BYOC.


The Alienware girls were manning the Alienware H1 Hummer booth and definitely attracted more gamers to all of Alienware’s gaming laptops and desktops.


We concluded the second day of Quakecon with Ryan getting an exclusive video interview with id Software’s John Carmack. We will post the video interview soon so stay tuned!

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