The GTX560Ti MDT X5 (Multi Display Technology) can handle sending signal to 5 displays simultaneously which is something that no NVIDIA card could do before.  AMD had the only GPUs which could handle multiple displays, you needed an SLI setup to manage NVIDIA Surround.  [H]ard|OCP were lucky enough to get to play with this $330 mid-range GPU that knows a new trick and were suitably impressed by its ability to provide good gaming performance on three 1080p monitors.  They also mention a GeForce 210 model that can handle up to four monitors for the non-gamer.

"With the new Galaxy GeForce GTX560Ti MDT X5 video card it is possible to output to 5 displays even though this is a single GPU video card. Enjoy NVIDIA multi-display spanned resolution gaming without the need for two cards! Can this GTX 560 Ti based video card stand up in the latest games when spanned across three displays? We are surprised."

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