Overclocking Results

Since this was the first time we have overclocked an accelerated processing unit at PC Perspective, I had to do a little research to determine the best approach for overclocking Socket FT1 APUs. Like most mini ITX platforms, the E-350 APU didn’t have a lot of overhead to squeeze more performance out of it. The HDC-I also limited our ability to OC this chip because the overclocking options in the BIOS didn’t include anything to adjust the FSB or CPU ratio. In fact, the only way we found to overclock the E-350 on the HDC-I was to enable Turbo mode in the BIOS under frequency and voltage controls that automatically ramped up the CPU to 2.133GHz. That’s about a 33 percent increase over the core’s stock CPU setting of 1.6GHz.

See our overclocking results below for more details:

Easy Turbo makes hardware reviewer happy! 

Final stable overclock: 2.133GHz

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