The Lian Li PC-P90, also known as the Hammer, is a vertically challenged HPTX case.  An HPTX case is a rare bird, but is used in server builds as well as anyone wanting the Extreme Machine from the HWLB as the EVGA SR-2 happens to be an HPTX board.  At 230mm (0") by 512mm (20") x 489mm (19") the Hammer is a little shorter than most case that support board of this form factor but Lian Li has managed to pull it off, as well as leaving space for 10 expansion slots and up to a dozen 3.5" disk drives.  TechPowerUp was very disappointed with the fact that the expansion slots on the back of the enclosure did not match the SR-2’s slots, but did find some nice things to say about it.

You can find a review of the perfect heatsink to go in this case at Hardware Secrets.

"HPTX cases are usually so tall that they do not fit under a normal desk. Lian Li – the company who first offered such a chassis – has managed to shrink things down to mid tower size while still offering HPTX compatibility and the ability to install up to 12 hard drives. We rip the case apart to see how everything is suppose to fit in such cramped spaces."

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