HDTune 4.01 (and ATTO)

HDTune tests a similar level of features that HDTach does, but with a slightly different access pattern and thus can provide us with an additional set of benchmark numbers to compare between storage configurations. Here we can get the minimum, maximum and average transfer rates as well as the burst rates and access times. CPU utilization has proven negligible with modern processing horsepower, and is no longer included.

Bursts paint the same picture as they did with HDTach.

HDTune does its sequential performance tests using much larger block sizes than HDTach. This enables the Z-Drive to pick up some significant steam against the rest of the playing field. 2.6GB/sec with a stream of large block reads. Note: these reads, while larger, are still only single threaded. We saw higher than 3GB/sec in ATTO:

For the record, that’s the highest I’ve ever seen ATTO go :).

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