The Alpenföhn Peter VGA cooler has a long list of modern graphics cards which it is compatible with, the only missing suspects are the GTX560 and 570.  If you have any other modern GPU then chances are that this VGA cooler will work for you.  It is a large cooler, the 253.5mm(10") x 100mm(4")  x 44mm(4.7") can accommodate four 120mm fans or three 140mm fans.  The cooler is also rather heavy, around 650g without fans which you should keep in mind.  Mad Shrimps attached it to an older GTX480 and it beat the Arctic Cooling Plus II by a cool 10C and did it more quietly as well.  They leave you with two warnings, some configurations do not cool the VRMs very well and the massive size of the cooler makes SLI/Crossfire difficult, if not impossible, to set up.

"Modern high end videocards can be small nuclear graphical powerplants. Putting out a lot of heat when working full load to render smooth frames per second in your favourite game. Sometimes the boxed aka reference cooler is up to the task and keeps everything at reasonable operating temperatures. Though many maxed out their cooling capacity or are just too darn loud. This is where companies alike Arctic Cooling, Thermalright,… and Alpenföhn come to your rescue. Todays Alpenföhn Peter VGA cooler will try to cool our Fermi based GTX480 graphics card in stock and overclocked configuration."

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