Power Consumption and Performance per Watt

What about power consumption?  Maybe the AMD FX lineup can do it all while maintaining a lower idle or peak power consumption?

Idle power consumption is about 15 watts higher on the FX-8150 than on the Sandy Bridge based processors while peak power consumption on the new AMD CPU exceeds even the Intel Gulftown i7-990X.  The 8 cores of Bulldozer get HOT and there is no denying that.  In our overclocking results I actually discuss some interesting heat issues that cropped up using standard air cooling.

Using these wattage numbers we can now also look at performance per watt but I am guessing you can peer into the future and guess how this turns out for AMD’s new FX processor.

The AMD FX doesn’t even come close to touching the efficiency of the Intel Core i7-2600k, i5-2500k or even the i5-2400.

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