Buying a new motherboard because it can do tricks that your old one can’t is good, having a motherboard learn new tricks after you’ve bought it; not so much.  In the Motherboard Forum member BeardedFrog’s Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z board which throws a fit if it is rebooted with an HDMI connected HDTV present; think it is the board, the GPU or do you have another idea?  If you are more of a Llano type, then windwithme’s indepth look at the ECS A75-A motherboard will be a great read for you.

Over in the Processor Forum there is no more speculation about Bulldozer as no one really wants to talk about the product that was delivered, so instead why not switch camps and discuss SandyBridge-E which we shall be seeing soon.  On the other hand you can check out all the high end components that Juggalo3451 stuffed into a monstrous CaseLabs TH10 case. Storage fanatics might want to offer their advice to this member, and gamers who haven’t joined the Fraggin’ Frogs yet should really head over to that forum if they want to play with the gang on Ryan’s server or any other one for that matter.  Especially if you want in on the all day BF3 party tomorrow!

 Regular podcast watchers will be shocked to learn that the video is already up for Podcast #176; and shocked again when they realize it is just Josh and I holding down the fort in our own special way … at least until Ryan finally shows for the closing ceremonies.