If you were to drop by the Processor Forum you will be swept up in a discussion about Bulldozer in no time at all. The long running rumour thread is still very popular and now there are new questions and suggestions appearing as the release date creeps ever closer and the leaks keep appearing everywhere.  Take a quick pop into the Cases’n’Cooling forum for a look at this member’s new build.  After that head to the Storage forum and keep an eye on this thread; one of our members is keeping track of any performance changes that occur as his RAID 0 SSDs are filled and used.  Windows 8 is still the topic of choice in our Microsoft forum while Battlefield 3 is the hot topic in the Gaming forum. 

As always the Lightning Round has plenty of action, perhaps the only good thing about the current global situation is that it provides no end of things to debate.  Head to the Trading Post for a new phone or hardware, or even visit this thread where a member will gladly take all your old dusty PC parts off your hands for free.

You should also check this weeks PC Perspective Google Hangout, and get a look at some of Ryan’s new AV gear.  Don’t worry, we will be back on TWiT.tv next week.