It seems that the simplest questions can create the biggest stir as a members question about the current relevance of sound cards has been one of the more popular threads in the General Tech forum lately.  Have you chimed in yet?   No matter how strong the feelings are about sound cards, they have nothing on the conversations about AMD’s release of the Bulldozer.  We have been waiting for it so long that it could never live up to our expectations, but still it does seem more of a let down than anyone was expecting.

In the Storage Forum one members project to track any changes in the performance of his SSD as it is used has hit the three week mark, check out the results so far.  The Linux Forum has a discussion about GNOME while the Windows 8 thread in the Microsoft Forum has grown quiet recently.  The opposite is happening in the Gaming Forum as the Rage thread grows and grows and The Lighning Round never grows silent.

The Podcast video is a little delayed this week, but fear not as the audio version is ready right now.  Otherwise we appreciate your patience and the video shall appear soonish.