NVIDIA has released a new Titanium series card, the GTX 560 Ti 448 which is essentially a GTX 570 with two disabled shader multiprocessors which brings the count of those CUDA cores down to 448, hence the name.  This may cause some confusion as there is already a GTX 560 Ti on the market which is based on the GF114 chip, not the GF110 which this new GTX 560 Ti 448 is based off of which offers better performance and the possibility of triple SLI.  The card sports 1280MB of memory running at 3.6GHz effective and a 732MHz GPU, and as The Tech Report points out this card will have a very limited release.

Catch Ryan’s full performance review here.

"In fact, the difference between the GTX 570 and the GTX 560 Ti 448 is simple. In the GTX 570, one of the GF110’s 16 shader multiprocessor clusters has been disabled, while in the GTX 560 Ti 448, two of the 16 SMs have been disabled. As a result, the GTX 560 Ti 448 has slightly lower peak shader arithmetic and texture filtering rates. In virtually every other respect, including clock speeds and memory bandwidth, the two products are the same. Here’s a quick look at the key graphics throughput rates versus other current video cards …"

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