Results: Cinebench R11.5, Power Consumption, and Overclocking

We should see some small differences in power consumption between the boards, as they do implement different features.  The actual TDP differences between the 970, 990X, and 990FX chipsets are going to be minimal at best.

At idle things are pretty well bunched together, but what is most impressive is that the Crosshair V is only 3 watts higher than the more barebones oriented M5A97.

At load we see a little bit of separation, but it is minimal at best with 9 watts being the largest difference observed.

In terms of overclocking all of these boards provide nearly identical results.  All three of the Asus boards were able to get to 325 MHz HTT speed, and all three were able to push the X6 1090T to 3.9 GHz with a small voltage increase.  The Crosshair V did have a slightly higher top end, but this is not surprising given its slightly more robust power delivery.

When automatic overclocking was enabled with all boards, they consistently hit about the same spot.  The CPU was clocked around 3.7 GHz with a 232 MHz HTT.  Multiple reboots and retries across all three boards resulted in the same level of overclock.  There were a couple MHz difference between runs, but the 232 MHz area was consistent across all three boards.

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