Even if the glasses-free 3D on the Toshiba Qosmio F755-3D290 doesn’t work very well the specs certainly make the laptop interesting.  For instance the 15.6" LED display is 1080p native or 720p if you enable the 3D mode.   Inside the Core i7-2630QM paired with a GT 540M give this laptop some serious processing power, though the model that AnandTech reviewed would set you back $1700 to purchase.  Strangely Toshiba opted not to include Optimus in this laptop which really shows when you look at the battery life, or lack thereof.  That begins the long list of issues that the reviewer at AnandTech had with this machine; catch the full list here.

"Way back in the dark ages of CES 2011, we were able to lay hands on and play with some interesting new technology from Toshiba. They had a prototype notebook on hand that was capable of glasses-free 3D similar to the Nintendo 3DS, but with a bigger screen and the ability to track head movement and adjust viewing angles accordingly. Yet the release of this 3D notebook has been an unusually quiet one. Is the 15-inch Qosmio F755 a sound design, or is there a reason why it’s been unceremoniously dropped into the marketplace?"

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