Performance per Dollar

While the performance per watt of the new Core i7-3960X was impressive, the $990+ pricing on the Intel Extreme Edition CPUs usually falls well behind in the performance per dollar metric.  It is a real shame that we couldn’t get the Core i7-3930K numbers to work reliably as I think it would have fared much better in this comparison.  Hopefully we can get a retail part from Intel for that SKU to update you guys soon.

Ouch – for a user on a budget, these are graphs you want to see!  The Core i7-3960X with its estimated $990 price tag is far worse of a performer per your hard-earned dollar than the Core i7-2600K.  The Core i7-980X, if you can still find it at its last price of $590, has a better showing but that is using the outdated X58 chipset and Nehalem architecture.

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