EVGA Classified Performance

While I didn’t have as much time with the EVGA card as I would have liked, I did want to show you a few benchmarks to see what the added frequency on the Classified model added out of the box.

Here you can see we are running at 797 MHz compared to the 750 MHz on the MSI model and 732 MHz on the reference cards that will be in the market. 

In our graphics-only portion of 3DMark11 the EVGA card is about 5% faster than the MSI option.

In Battlefield 3 we see another ~5% gain with the clock speed increase on the EVGA Classified model and that it is able to push past the GTX 570 completely.  

The boost here is pretty minimal as we are in a game that doesn’t show the GPU scaling that BF3 does. 

While the 47 MHz difference between the EVGA and the MSI cards in our review might seem minimal, there are definitely out-of-the-box performance advantages to getting the higher overclocked model.  If you are comfortable using overclocking sofware, including MSI’s Afterburner or EVGA’s Precision, you will be able to reach higher speeds that 797 MHz with BOTH cards.

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