If you feel that you are not having the best day today, be thankful you are not trying to remotely assist someone with BIOS problems in Russia … and neither of you speak the others language.  Still, you might have the kind of day when you manage to overlook one small detail and end up frustrated to no end.  Then you decide to relieve your frustrations by blowing up friends and strangers in Battlefield 3 only to discover your factory overclocked card was perhaps not the best purchase.  Worse, you could be running out of storage space and be shocked by the current price of hard drives for your upgrade.

At least not everyone in the PC Perspective Forums is having a bad day, some are even having a blast or are trying out brand new hardware!  Others are blasting away with the Fragging Frogs as quite a few top tier games have arrived recently.  There are also a few enjoying the early arrival of the PC Perspective Podcast video, now with a lot less facial hair.