It is nice to see a return to simple enclosures that focus on functionality after the market spent several years attaching a multitude of lights and using bright colour schemes.  The Antec 1100 is exactly that, a mesh pattern dominates the front of the case and is repeated in the many fan positions on the top, back, bottom and side of the case.  USB and audio connectors are easily accessible at the top of this mid sized case.  You can have up to 9 fans in total cooling this case, or take advantage of the grommets for watercooling with an external radiator.  Drop by OCC for a close look.

"Taking a look at the sides, I’m quite happy. Personally, I love chassis with large windows – I like to show off my running hardware, even when it isn’t all that impressive. On the Eleven Hundred, the window takes up over half the side panel in width and nearly the full size in height. It also includes two pre-drilled 120 mm fan spots for the addition of your own fans and aid cooling without hampering the view too much. The other panel behind the motherboard tray has a single 120 mm fan location for cooling from the back. This is perhaps one feature that most chassis still don’t provide today. It’s a simple addition and placing a fan here should bring your temps down even more."

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