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Can the Frio OCK join the ranks of the best heatsinks of 2011?


Courtesy of Thermaltake

Performance CPU coolers have been saturating the market in bunches this year, and Thermaltake added the FrioOCK to the fray to compete against other high-end heatsinks geared toward overclockers and power PC users. We wasted no time installing the FrioOCK in our LGA 1155 teset bench to see how it stacks up against other extreme air-cooled CPU coolers!

Courtesy of Thermaltake

The FrioOCK is a universal CPU cooler that supports a variety of socket types from Intel (LGA1366, LGA1155, LGA1156, and LGA775) and AMD (AM3, AM2+, AM2). This heatsink uses a dual-tower design with six copper heatpipes to dissipate heat from the processor. The unit also sports two 130mm fans in a push-pull configuration to wisk heat away from the CPU.


Courtesy of Thermaltake

This heatsink can be purchased for $65.99 and includes helpful user installation manuals for Intel or AMD-based computers. This price point is more than ideal for users looking to upgrade from their stock heatsink and perform basic overclocking on their systems. I also like the size and style of the FrioOCK and it should match up well with custom PC gaming cases that want all their hardware to have an intense and intimidating look.



Ultimate Overclocking Thermal Structure Design, support up to 240W

  • Dual tower heat-sink with 0.4mm aluminum fins provide large surface for heat dissipation.
  • 6 x 6mm-U-shape copper heat pipes for accelerated heat conduction.
  • Tower side flow design efficiently optimizes cooling performance.
  • Premium thermal grease maximizes heat transfer from the CPU into the cooler copper base for rapid dissipation

Integrated Module for Dual 130mm VR™  OC Fan  and the dazzling cover

  • Single VR control knob adjusts fan speed from 1200~2100rpm.
  • Overclocking efficiency with Starcraft II design.
  • Convenient and Tool-less design for dismantle and install the fan module.

Universal Socket Compatibility & Accessory Package

  • All-in-one back-plate design, support all Intel and AMD platform
  • Universal socket support : Intel: LGA1366, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA775; AMD: AM3, AM2+, AM2


Technical Specifications (taken from Thermaltake’s website)

Courtesy of Thermaltake

Heatsink Dimensions   

143(L) x 136.8(W) x 158.4(H) mm
(with 2 Fans)

Heatsink Material    Aluminum Fins 
Aluminum & Copper Base
Heatpipe    6mm (x6)
Fan Dimension    130(L) x 130(H) x 25(W) mm
Fan Speed    1,200 ~ 2,100 RPM
Bearing Type    —-
Noise Level    21 ~ 48 dBA
Max. Air Flow    121 CFM
Max. Air Pressure    3.12 mmH2O
LED Fan    —-
Power Connector    3 Pin
Rated Voltage    12 V
Started Voltage    7 V
Rated Current    1.2 A
Power Input    14.4 W
MTBF    50,000 Hrs @ 40℃
Weight    1093 g (with 2 Fans)

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