A Detailed Look

The Toughpower Grand 1200W power supply enclosure is painted matte black with red accents and measures 180mm (7.2”) deep. It uses a proprietary 140mm fan on the bottom for cooling. The dual ball bearing Yen Sun Technology fan (YD121425HB) incorporates seven flower-shape fan blades and is rated for 0.54A at 12VDC.

The Toughpower Grand PSU includes a master On-Off switch on the back panel along with an AC receptacle and small mirrored panel that lights up with the red Thermaltake logo when the power is turned on.

Around on the other end, the front panel houses ten modular cable connectors. The six red ones are for use with extra PCI-E cables and the four black connectors support the Molex and SATA peripheral cables. All of the cables are covered with black braided plastic mesh sleeving.

Eleven modular cables and one FDD adapter come bundled with the Toughpower Grand 1200W PSU.

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