The Gelid GX-7 Stacked is so named because of its 7 heatpipes, five of which are placed normally and touch the CPU while the last two are stacked on top of the five aforementioned heatpipes.  On low settings this is one of the quietest coolers on FrostyTech’s charts, when running at full speed it creates more noise but not enough to make it one of the louder coolers they’ve tested.  The new configuration for heatpipes was effective but not overwhelmingly so, as the heatsink was neither the quietest nor the most efficient cooler but sat in the middle of the pack as a solid all

"The Gelid GX-7 heatsink stands 158mm tall and ships with a variable speed PWM fan internally illuminated by several very bright blue LEDs. The lights make a nice impression on the spinning blue fan blades which feature novel little ‘wing tips’. Beyond that, the GX-7 would look like any other tower format heat sink except for one trick up its sleeve – stacked heatpipes."

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