PCMark Vantage

Futuremark’s benchmark suite, PCMark Vantage, was released in 2010 we published an initial article on the new software that looked at some CPU performance as well as providing overviews for all the individual testing suites it uses and what kind of applications they emulate.  The new Vantage software takes a much more real-world user-scenario approach to testing that previous PCMark software and as such deserves more time our benchmark analysis. 










PCMark Vantage evaluates every aspect of a motherboard, and the Z68 Extreme 7 Gen 3 is the only board to top 10,000 out of the five we tested. In fact, this board posted strong numbers in several categories, including communications, music, and productivity. The gaming scores were also very respectable, but nothing earth-shattering like what we saw in 3DMark11. These inconsistencies between PCMark Vantage and 3DMark11 in the gaming category makes me question which benchmark is actually portraying the Z68 Extreme 7 Gen 3’s gaming capabilities.

In our real-world gaming benchmarks, the Z68 Extreme 7 Gen 3 was actually a few FPS slow than every other board we tested. These results confirm that while the Z68 Extreme 7 Gen 3 performs well under synthetic gaming conditions, it actually runs a tad slower in real-world games than a couple of its competitors.

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