Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside the Corsair TX750M power supply. The two TX Modular units are very similar inside except for a few slightly beefier components and larger capacitors inside the TX750M. In their literature Corsair says the TX Modular Series is "based on the award-winning Enthusiast Series TX V2", which would lead one to believe the TX Modular power supplies would be built on the same Seasonic made platform as the TX V2 line. However, CWT is clearly the OEM for the TX Modular units.

A single Panasonic PET electrolytic capacitor rated at 470uF, 400V, 105°C (330uF on the TX550M) is used on the primary while the secondary features a combination of electrolytic and solid polymer caps made by Nippon Chemi-Con – very nice.


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