Nobody said that the PC Perspective Forums can only be about PCs, for instance this thread looking for advice on a power amp is music to our ears.  Perhaps instead of a PC problem you have an issue with a DNS forwarding issue or there is always this thread.  Of course, PCs and the problems they have are a much more common topic, from older motherboards that might be showing their age to an indepth look at brand new ITX motherboard.  You can even get tips on reducing your computers power consumption

In the Cases’n’Cooling Forum you can check out a members new case mod project and in the Gaming Forum you can check out what The Fragging Frogs are playing.  The Lightning Round is geared up for the upcoming US elections and the Trading Post is a great resource for Christmas presents.  You should also check out the PC Perspective Podcast right now and share it with several friends or we will start taking forever to upload the video again!