Overclocking Results

My first time overclocking an accelerated processing unit at PC Perspective was during our HDC-I review, where we were able to achieve a 2.133GHz overclock. Like most mini ITX platforms, the E-350 APU didn’t have a lot of overhead to squeeze more performance out of it. The GA-E350-USB3 had a couple options in the BIOS under the MB Intelligent Tweaker to adjust the CPU frequency and host clock. There are also options for changing the memory clock to support 1066 or 1333MHz.

I started my overclocking journey by going into the BIOS and adjusting the CPU frequency to run at 1.6GHz instead of using normal mode. I also changed the host clock to manual mode to have the ability to increase the host clock gradually to see how far we could go to ramp up our APU speeds on the GA-E350-USB3. The CPU host clock maxes out at 120 in the BIOS, so we started at 100 and began to increase the host clock by 1MHz increments. We almost ran into stability issues right away so I decided to ramp up the CPU voltage a bit to 1.4v. This helped stabilize the CPU so we could get a few more megahertz out of our CPU clock. In the end, I could only keep the GA-E350-USB3 stable at 1.728GHz, which doens’t come close to the 2.133GHz overclock we experienced during the ECS HDC-I review.


Final stable overclock: 1.728GHz


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