If you ever needed proof that not all PSUs are created equally, just check out what happened to this new member who posted in the Tech Talk Forum and notice the elegant temporart solution that is now in place.  The same can be said of gaming mice, you can suffer with a bad one but why bother with all of these choices for around $50?   Once everything is up and working to your hearts content, why not make the statement that every enthusiast’s PC is their castle literally true

If you are more into monitors and are considering going the 120Hz route, several members have suggestions for 3D displays in the Video Forum while this member already has a bg TV but is looking for a good graphics card to power it.   If you are shopping for a tablet then drop by the Mobile Forum as several other members are also investigating tablets, so pool your knowledge to make sure you get the best one for your needs.  You should also check out the Hot Deals Forum, there are many specials out there at this time of year to take advantage of.   As well the Trading Post is an excellent source of presents for yourself or possible others you care about.

Once again, the PC Perspective Podcast is available in both audio and visual form before the weekend, so you can spend quality time with Al, Josh and myself on Friday night because we wouldn’t want you to have to drink alone!