Ken’s Holiday Gift Picks

Ken is the PC Perspective video editing guru and resident intern.  He is responsible for the behind the scenes magic of the live streams and video productions, and as represented by his holiday gift choices is a big fan of high quality monitors and computer displays.

HP ZR2440w 24-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor – $425 USD

This desktop monitor brings LED backlighting to an S-IPS display for a combination that should offer superior picture quality, and all for a bit over $400 bucks.

While a couple other of my fellow editors have mentioned their monitor picks, nothing can match up to HP’s new Performance series of monitors, featuring S-IPS Panels. However, this 24” monitor will cost more than your average display. At $425 it is one of the most expensive 24” panels on the market, but HP has actually fought to bring down the price of high quality displays with this new series. If you are feeling a bit more generous, go for 2 or 3, or even the 27” ZR2740w.

FastMac U-Socket – starting at $24.95 USD

This AC wall socket might look rather plain at first glance; however, if you look closer you will find that not only does this wall cover hold two AC sockets, but also two USB power female connectors to charge your USB devices without taking up space in the AC sockets which are better used for powering folding rigs, or you know, a lamp so you can see at night.  While there is certainly going to be "some assembly required," I think the recipients of this gift wont mind once they realize how handy it is.

With how quickly smartphones and tablets, all of which charge through USB, are selling these days, charging all these devices becomes a problem. Instead of relying on various different USB power adapters outputting at different amperages, FastMac has a solution in their U-Socket AC receptacles. Providing two USB ports at 2400mA each, along with the two typical AC wall sockets, the U-Socket will provide enough juice to charge any USB device. Starting at $24.95 each, there is a substantial price difference from traditional AC receptacles, you may not be replacing all of the wall sockets in your house with these just yet, but the convenience is unparalleled.

Sharp Elite Pro-70X5FD 70” LED TV – $8,000 USD

This LED backlit TV has everything except the kitchen sink (water and TV’s unfortunately don’t work well together).  Offering an incredible picture with a price tag to match, this is the kind of gift that when gifted the recipient will never be seen again as they will never want to leave their couch!

In the category of, “If you have to ask how much it is, you probably can’t afford it,” we have the new Sharp Elite Pro series of LCD TVs. Recently regarded by CNET as the best TV they have seen since the discontinued and universally praised Pioneer Kuro plasma displays, the Sharp Elite Pro is simply the best TV on the market today. At a staggering MSRP of $8,000 for the 70” panel (with a 60” version also available) very few people will actually purchase one of these displays, but there has never been any harm in dreaming.

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