Tim’s Holiday Gift Picks

Our news editor Tim is an avid writer and computer geek.  In addition to being tech support for friends and family, he enjoys PC gaming and is eagerly waiting for the day when he has enough RAM to create a the one RAM drive to rule them all.

Amazon Kindle Fire – $199 USD
Amazon’s first foray into the tablet market, this 7" device brings a color touch screen and 7" form factor to the existing Kindle hardware lineup.

Despite the numerous, shall we say, lukewarm reviews this is the first budget tablet that not only has a good company standing behind it to provide support but is fun to play around with. There are definitely some minor quirks, and for the technical crowd it may not have the requisite hardware "oomph"; however, it makes a great gift for family members. My girlfriend has yet to let it out of her sight so that I can play around with it (haha). Best of all though is that the thing just looks and feels classy (by having a bit of weight and having a rubberized back that makes it easy to hold and read.)

Toys4Tots Donation – x USD
A charitable organization that provides new Christmas toys to children of families in need.  

It’s a good program for a good cause, need I say more?  Make some kids Christmas extra fun this year.  It’s not too late to donate your time or money to help out.  The service men and women along with volunteers are providing a great service to the community, and especially to kids on Christmas morning.

8 GB G-Skill DDR3 RAM – $44 USD

A crowd favorite for offering quality RAM at a great price, this G-Skill kit is an awesome value and is currently powering my main desktop.

Unfortunately, Ivy Bridge is out of the question this X-mas. Instead, SB-E parts and/or new memory kits are always good ideas. You can’t go wrong giving someone either of those, and RAM is dirt cheap right now, so much so that a RAM drive may be in order!

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