Appendix: Cost of Consoles source.

As was stated in the caption below the cost-breakdown image, it is extremely difficult to pin a universal cost as a stereotypical customer really does not exist. The "generic customer" for the console, therefore, has been assumed to purchase: on average one game per month; constant Xbox Live Gold subscription at yearly-renewal (for lowest cost-per-month); and very rare accessories ($150 over four years). The "generic customer" for the PC also has a very solid gaming PC, the "Mid Range System" from the Hardware Leaderboard, upgraded often enough to max out (which is leaps above settings typical for a console) just about every game at true 1080p (not upscaled sub-720p to 1080p as is ridiculously common on the consoles). I also ignored the purchase of multiple consoles (both same as well as competing).

Cost Breakdown, Source

PC Console Notes
~$1000 $400 The cost to bring the unit in the door.
$0 $480 4 years of games (1 per month) that are $10 more expensive than their PC counterpart (license fees)
$0 $240 4 years of Xbox Live fees.
$0 $150 Incompatible Accessories, need to be repurchased
$220 $0 Upgraded videocard approximately 2-2.5 years in.
Next Generation: Years 5-8.
~$582 $400 New Mobo/Ram/CPU/GPU vs. New Console
$0 $480 4 more years of $10-inflated games.
$0 $240 4 more years Xbox Live fees.
$0 $150 More incompatible accessories, repurchased.
$220 $0 New videocard, 2-2.5 years in.
$2022 $2540 PC Gaming is not more expensive.


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