Overclocking: HD 7950 @ 900 MHz

AMD was definitely pushing on us that because their partners were going to be launching out of the gate with overclocked models of the Radeon HD 7950 3GB, we should be testing it at overclocked speeds as well.  While we always take a look at the overclocking potential of a new GPU we decided to throw our entire game suite at the HD 7950 running at 900 MHz (compared the 800 MHz reference clock) since we talked to a couple of partners that were targeting that speed.  Both MSI and XFX are going to have 900 MHz and 800 MHz options shortly after launch so we wanted you to have an idea of what that would mean for performance.

Below is data comparing the HD 7950 @ 800 MHz to the HD 7950 @ 900 MHz and the most popular 1080p resolution.

With a clock speed increase of 12.5%, the faster version of our Radeon HD 7950 3GB card runs anywhere from 6% to 10% faster, if we take out the null result from our Skyrim benchmark.  Seeing a 9% jump in Battlefield 3 is nice as is the 10% increase in performance with Deus Ex. 

Let’s see how far we can really push this GPU though past the reference and retail speeds…

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