Final Thoughts, Pricing, Conclusion

Final Thoughts

The Corsair H100 performed brilliantly in our testing against four other self-contained watercooling systems we had sitting around our test bench. Corsair pulled out all the stops when it produced its first iteration of a self-contained, dual radiator liquid CPU cooler. It seems one of the only pitfalls is the size of the form factor that could cause fits from some midtower case configurations.


I think the thing that sets the Corsair H100 apart from other similar watercooling units is the quality of the radiator, base plate, waterblock, and pump. The H100 is compatible with Corsair’s Digital Link hardware/software that gives enthusaists access to pump speeds and coolant temperatures that will help them overclock their CPUs higher and with more stability.


The H100 also comes bundled with a universal mounting system that supports modern CPU sockets from Intel and AMD, which has become a common theme with many third-party CPU coolers. I also appreciated the detail Corsair put into their installation manual because it was user friendly, well organized, and provided detailed images to make installation a snap.



The Corsair H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler is available at Newegg for $119.99. The H100 is also available at Walmart for $125 and for $109.99.



I’ve been using consumer-level, self-contained liquid CPU coolers for about four years now, and it seems Corsair has found a good balance between price, performance, and quality when they developed the H100. Dual radiators used to be reserved for custom watercooling systems, but Corsair busted the barn doors off their hinges when they released the H100 to the masses. The $120 price point seems a bit expensive when compared to other air-cooled heatsinks or self-contained CPU coolers in its class, but the extreme performance results should help enthusiasts get on board in purchasing the H100 for their next upgrade. PC Perspective gives the Corsair H100 our gold award for exceptional performance, quality construction, and five-year warranty.




  • Excellent performer during testing
  • 240mm dual radiator configuration
  • Five-year warranty
  • Universal CPU support



  • Pricey compared to other self-contained CPU coolers


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