It has been a while since we revisited our Forum members favourite antivirus programs, which is rectified by this thread right here.  In the Networking Forum you may find a brand new favourite storage device from iOmega, even if the dreaded ‘Cloud’ word is used.  Over in the Processor Forum you can get some good upgrade advice … as in some times you don’t need to unless you only use the machine for synthetic benchmarking.  Other times, the upgrade is very much worth it as long as you choose the right part for the job.

If you are a gamer and a PCPer and have yet to join the Fraggin’ Frogs, shame on you!  Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8PM Eastern time you will find them playing a random game; right now it is a good chance of BF3 on the PCPer server.  When you aren’t gaming, have you considered joining up with the Folding Frogs or one of our BOINC teams and donate your spare CPU cycles to cure cancer, spot pulsars or even help chug data from the LHC?   If you’d rather generate heat of a different sort, the current GOP candidate race has the Lightning Round sparking.   Remember, the more you post the more people will read and join in on the discussions on our forums, positive feedback in the most literal sense!