The Seventeam E-Force 750W did pass [H]ard|OCP’s torturous PSU testing regime, with no real faults but no outstanding results either.  The real problem lays with the fact that more effort seems to have been spend marketing the PSU than was spent designing it, up to and including the fact that the single layer PCB used is labelled ‘Cooler Master’ and the overall build quality is of lower quality than the GX 650W that the PCB also appeared in.  In theory this should bring the price down but unless it is significantly less than similar PSUs your money could be better spend elsewhere.  Besides, do you want to support a company which labels its PSUs as "Windows 7 Ready"?

"Seventeam is a longtime PSU builder that has just recently started focusing on the enthusiast market in North America and it shows in its marketing. Today’s 750 watt power supply is touted as, "Meets ATX 12V V2.3 standard," is Windows 7 Ready, and carries the 80Plus Bronze badge that is described as ‘High Efficiency.’"

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