AMD Processor and GPU Roadmaps Through 2013

2013 sees some interesting changes.  We have Steamroller with the Kaveri APU in both mobile and desktop.  These products will stretch from 17 watt TDP up to 100 watt in desktop.  Of particular note is that these products will be based on 28 nm.  We do not know who AMD will go with when manufacturing these products, but the assumption so far is that TSMC could be getting most of the business.  GloFo will still be a partner for AMD, but until they can get working 28 nm lines running AMD could be hedging their bets.  22 nm outside of Intel will not happen for at least another two years, so the choice for AMD to compete in the low power area with Intel is pretty clear.  28 nm is a must.  The new low power core is based on the Jaguar architecture, which is the next generation Bobcat.  In the same TDP range as we see today we will have 2 to 4 cores with Kabini (9 to 18 watt TDP).  Tamesh could be moving closer to 1 watt TDP, but this information is not official so far.

Of further interest is that we see no mention of Steamroller on the CPU only desktop side.  Could this be a hint that AMD will move away from producing desktop parts that do not feature an APU?  I am assuming this is the case, as AMD wants to really push HSA.  It makes little sense if one were to push a more heterogeneous computing environment, but not have the top end CPU embrace this technology.

Finally we have the server roadmap for 2012-2013.  Interlagos goes to Abu Dhabi, Valencia moves to Seoul, and Zurich goes to Delhi.  All of these parts will continue to be 32 nm, but the next gen parts will embrace Piledriver up and down the line.  This will improve IPC and power across the board.  These will continue to support the current socket infrastructure AMD has.  What we should note is that there is no mention of the eventual migration of APUs into the server space.  If AMD makes huge strides with HSA, we can expect to eventually see APUs invade this marketplace.  This is almost a given at some point, especially in the world of High Performance Computer (HPC).  If AMD can deliver on HSA, then they will have a serious leg up on Intel when it comes to this type of computer.  As AMD mentioned in their Analyst day, their graphics technology is the crown jewel of their IP portfolio.  This is an area where AMD can excel at.

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