Results: Battlefield 3

Speaking of Battlefield 3 taking center stage, I recently was able to add this particular title to the test suite.  Settings were set at Ultra level with 4X MSAA and 16X AF with HBOA enabled.  A manual runthrough was captured by FRAPS.

This engine puts out some really good numbers considering just how good it looks.  Frostbite 2 is a very impressive set of technologies that makes scenes look as realistic as they come.  Here we have a nice separation of all four cards.  The GTX580 takes the top spot again, followed by the HD 6970, and then the GTX 570.  Not a surprise that the GTX560 comes in last, but it remains very playable at Ultra levels at 1920×1200.  For the other cards they still need to be in either SLI or Crossfire to get above the 60 fps average mark for 2560×1600.

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