Results: AvP

One of the first titles to really leverage DX11 and tessellation, AvP still looks really nice and has turned out to be a solid little benchmark for us.  Ultra settings with 16X AF and 4X AA enabled.  Tessellation is essentially limited to the alien model, but in this particular benchmark there sure are a lot of aliens.

In this particular case the HD 6970 is right behind the GTX580.  The GTX570 just cannot seem to keep up in this particular title.  It probably does not hurt that the HD 6970 has 2GB of memory while the GTX 570 is at 1.2 GB.  The drop off between the three levels of cards is pretty significant, and as expected the GTX560 is holding up the rear.  None of the cards could do 2560×1600 comfortably, but the 560 Ti just is not the card for this kind of resolution and workload.

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