BIOS and Test Setup


FOXCONN hasn’t imported UEFI interface which is much more artistic and controlled by mouse compared to traditional BIOS.  However, it takes time to power on and the frequency of crash shutdown is comparably high.

Quantum BIOS

CPU selection menu

When over clocking, if you don’t CPU clock to be fluctuated downwards, you need to adjust the following selection.  CPU C1E Enhanced Halt State closing
To higher IA Core Current MAX and Power Limit 1/2 Value, the following example is to adjust to 2000

Power Technology is requested to be closed so that CPU clock won’t be fluctuated when over-clocking above 4.5GHz

DDR3 parameter setting selection which provided various DRAM to slightly adjust parameter and steadily utilize it.
The following setting is DDR3 2400 CL10 11-11-27 2T

Voltage menu

  • CPU PLL Voltage 1.80~2.43V
  • CPU VAS Voltage Offset +10~+630mV
  • CPU Core Voltage Offset +10~+630mV
  • CPU VTT (Uncore) Voltage 1.005~2.011V
  • Patsburg PCH Core Voltage 1.005~2.011V
  • DRAM Voltage (VDIMM1 & VIDMM2) 1.005~2.307V
  • DRAM Voltage (VDIMM3 & VIDMM4) 1.005~2.307V

Hardware Monitor

Above is the over-clocking of both raising CPU multiplier and DDR3 clock.
The voltage of both CPU and DDR3 has to be paid attention and so as the optimal of DDR3 parameter.

If you want to over-clock to above DDR3 2133, except for DDR3, CPU VAS Voltage Offset plays another critical role. Voltage+100mV has to be setup. Above is the over-clock setting by windwithme, which is the reference for x79 platform.

Testing platform

CPU Intel Core i7-3960X
CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro Series H80
Motherboard   Foxconn Quantum Force Quantumian-1
RAM   Corsair Dominator GT CMT16GX3M4X2133C9
GPU   MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozer II
Hard Drive   Corsair Performance Pro Series 128GB
PSU   Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200W
OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64

FOXCONN software setup menu

Full screen and outer space background are shown up after power on.

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