3D Test, Power and Temperature

3D test

  • msi N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II

3DMark Vantage CPU SCORE => 91380


  • 1920 X 1080 => 4707

StreetFighter IV Benchmark

  • 1920 X 1080 => 305.85 FPS

The scores of 3DMark Vantage on CPU SCORE is incredible high, it’s contributed by Intel 6C12T without question. Other 3D Game test software do not take many advantages on multiple cores, they would get higher scores based on CPU. Basically, it’s rarely for game to support up to CPU of 4 cores therefore the rendering ability of CPU structure is highly important.

Power Consumption test

There is no required software to open CIE power saving technology, 77W, under OS desktop. 

There is no required software to open CIE power saving technology, 177W, under OS desktop. 

To operate LinX to full speed CPU – 364W

The power consumption of 3960X 6C12T CPU over-clocking 4.7GHz.  It is more to say that C1E is a outstanding power saving choice, which you can save around 100W when you open C1E technology under stand by mode.

The power consumption when the CPU full speed is 364W which is no difference compared to the previous combination of X58 and 980X OC 4GHz.

The above theory is as same as high-end VGA. The next high-end VGA generates much more performance but with no difference on power consumption compared to the previous same product level.

It is proved that Sandy Bridge-E possess higher clock and more progress on power saving.

Temperature (Room temperature is around 21℃
When system standby- 33~37

To operate LinX to full speed CPU – 61~66

One minute afte the end of LinX operation – 36~38

Core i7-3960X is the highest Intel CPU specification. It’s suggested to use much higher-end cooler under over-clocking. The temperature performance of both standby and full speed under OC4.7 GHz over-clocking is quiet excellent. In order to avoid the gap between the temperature-measured software and actual temperature, the heat pipe of water cooling is just warm but hot. Whether you are using CORSAIR Hydro Series H80 water cooling when test or CPU high-end cooler, when CPU is extreme over-clocking, it is the one and only way to pay attention to thermal.

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