Rosewill RK-9000 v2 Price and Conclusion

Rosewill’s refresh of the RK-9000 comes at a time where it is cool to be mechanical. The lineup is currently listed on Newegg for different price points depending on which type of switch is being used. Current listed prices (Feb 13th, 2012) at Newegg are:

Current Price at Newegg, Canada and USA

  Newegg Canada Newegg USA
RK-9000 (Blue)
RK-9000BR (Brown) $109.99 + $7.74 ship $109.99 + $7.87 ship
RK-9000BL (Black) $99.99 + $0 ship
RK-9000RE (Red) $129.99 + $7.74 ship

As always the purchase of a keyboard is a very personal experience and no review should determine your choice. What we can assist you with is ensuring that you know as much as possible before you make your decision.

The Rosewill RK-9000 and all of its variants are designed to be great keyboards without any bells or whistles. You are paying for solidly built full keyboards with mechanical switches under every key. You will not get backlighting. You will not get media keys. You will not get macro functions. That is not the point of these keyboards.

When compared with the original RK-9000, it is clear that Rosewill has attempted to fix whatever customers have complained about in very loud ways. Missing a PS/2 adaptor? Toss in a whole cable. Want more than one switch to choose from? Here are four! Their design is clearly based predominantly on customer feedback, which is great.

In terms of performance, the new generation appears to perform really well but not quite to the caliber of the original. It is possible that they are just in need of getting broken in, but it is also possible that the original is just plain more accurate and more precise. Unfortunately to know for sure I would need to have a new and unused original RK-9000 mechanical keyboard to test against. Either way, it seems good enough to be considered ideal for any reasonable purpose if not just as good.

The only other comment I have to make about the new generation compared to the old is with the riser feet. The second generation lost the little rubber tips on the ergonomic riser flaps that the original had. When the keyboard is elevated using the flaps it tends to slide more than the original. It is a minor gripe, but one none-the-less. I have a very smooth desk.

The only real deal-breaker that I have encountered is the squeaky backspace and spacebar keys. Rosewill has already fixed the issue in the batch following the batch of my review units, but I obviously still need to report on it as is. Also, of my review units, the Cherry MX Blue is the only one which has squeaked recently.

I tend to believe that my needs are best suited by the Cherry MX Blue or the Cherry MX Brown switches. The Cherry MX Blue keys do tend to feel slightly better when I type, however the Cherry MX Brown keys feel slightly less laggy when playing games like Unreal Tournament 3 which require double-tapping a key to perform a dodge maneuver. That said, when ultimately tested, the Cherry MX Blue keys seem better suited than the MX Brown for single-key double tap.

Regardless of your typing style, if you want a good and simple keyboard: whichever second generation RK-9000 suits for your usage best is a great choice.

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